Debunking Pawn Shop Myths

Many people have preconceived notions about what it’s like to buy or sell at a pawn shop. But these are misconceptions, especially when it comes to a community-oriented shop like Pawn USA. Here are the most common myths we hear.

They deal with stolen goods

There’s a misconception that robbers immediately try to turn a quick profit on their stolen goods at the closest pawn shop. But pawn shops like Pawn USA work closely with local law enforcement to identify these thieves and return the items to their rightful owners. Most pawn shops regularly provide police with a list of items that have been loaned or sold, so officers can catch anything that has been reported stolen. Customers who want to pawn or sell with us must also present identification, so if police do identify a stolen item in our stores, we can easily trace it back to the guilty party.

They’re out to take your money

Our Pawn USA staff is trained to accurately determine the price of items we most frequently purchase, such as musical instruments, jewelry, firearms, and tools. It would be highly disrespectful of us to attempt to swindle our loyal customers out of their money. At Pawn USA, we believe our longevity and scope speaks to that respect we show our customers; our six locations around southeastern North Carolina make us the largest pawn shop business in the region.

You’ll buy something in questionable condition

We carefully examine every item sold to us to determine its condition. We are a community-oriented pawn shop and it goes against everything we stand for to deceive our customers. As such, we will not purchase broken items or faulty electronics and attempt to resell them as new. If you’re purchasing in-store, you’re also free to examine items yourself, and if you’re purchasing on our eBay store, we indicate the condition of each item in the product description.

Pawn shops are only for certain types of people

We don’t have a customer demographic. People from all walks of life come through our doors every day; treasure hunters searching for that rare coin to add to their collection, men who need a particular tool set to knock off a DIY project, or women looking for a great deal on a beautiful piece of jewelry. The only consistency is the number of repeat customers we have, thanks to the fantastic customer service we provide on a daily basis. Our staff is always available to help you find the item you’re searching for, or to answer any questions you might have about the process.

So, if you have any misgivings about patronizing a pawn shop, we hope you’ll put them aside and come see us at Pawn USA. We have six locations to serve you, so stop on by!

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