Six reasons to buy or sell at a pawn shop instead of on Craigslist


You can examine the item

When you browse products on Craigslist, you might see one or two low-quality photos of the item, if you’re lucky. You don’t actually get to see and hold the physical product until you meet the seller, and since you’ve gone through all the trouble to meet, you might end up buying the item regardless of its condition. When purchase at a pawn shop, you can carefully examine everything of interest without feeling pressured to buy it.

You have the benefit of customer service

Our most popular product categories — jewelry, gear, tools, firearms and technology — feature such a range of models, makes, shapes, sizes and colors, that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out exactly what to get. Luckily, our staff is extremely knowledgeable about our inventory, and can answer any questions you have right then and there.

It’s safer

Anyone can post on Craigslist; mixed in among the innocent sellers are scammers — and worse. Even if you agree to meet the seller in a public place, it’s still unwise to go alone. When you purchase from a pawn shop, the only risk is getting distracted by the wide variety of items for sale and making a few impulse buys before you go!


You’re guaranteed to sell it (as long as it’s in good condition)

When you post an item on Craigslist, your product listing typically gets lost among the hundreds of other similar posts. But when you bring any item in decent condition to a pawn shop, you will make the sale and spare yourself the trouble of carting it around for longer than necessary.

You get cash immediately

Not only are you guaranteed to sell your item, but you’ll get that cash in your pocket immediately. So, if you need money right away, a pawn shop is always your best option.

You have the option to pawn

Often, your highest-value items are also the most meaningful ones to you. You shouldn’t have to sell those items just because you need cash right away. At Pawn USA, we’ll give you a cash loan and keep your item temporarily, as collateral. As long as you pay the loan back, we’ll return those personal items to you immediately.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or seeking a cash loan, Pawn USA is here to assist. We have six locations across southeastern North Carolina, so stop by today!


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